Big. Impactful.
Additive. Affordable.

InStadium offers an unmatched, year-round national video network with unequaled scale and superior impact. When marketers want to unlock the purchasing power of the most attractive, elusive, influential, brand-receptive consumers, they use the InStadium network to deliver massive reach and exceptional results.

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Who’s the audience?
InStadium reaches up to 20 million receptive, active, and influential adults on a monthly basis. The InStadium audience is 43% female and 57% male and indexes at 117 for adults 21-49. Our audience has an 35% higher mean HHI than that of the general population and indexes at 153 for post-graduate education.
Source: MRI Doublebase 2012
What is the network?
8+ years of building trusted relationships with professional sports and collegiate venues across the country has allowed us to create the InStadium Network.
What's the medium?
Larger-than-life, high definition video with digital surround sound, custom PA announcements, and vibrant, full-color, animated LED rings create an unforgettable brand experience in a dynamic environment.
Which brands use InStadium today?
Brands who want to increase their ROI and accelerate their business results. InStadium works with blue chip brands across many categories, including entertainment, internet technology, personal care, travel/hospitality, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecom, and more.
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