A guy walks in to a hockey game...

November 8, 2011 by PJ Ewing, SVP Sales, InStadium

Team jersey - check.

Three good friends - check.

Early arrival for pre-show, warm-ups, player introduction, food, drink - check.


And what does he experience next? Well it is a lot more than smash mouth hockey.  Welcome to the hockey show. Think "The Biggest Show on Earth" and you have a good picture of what I am talking about.


In my most recent visit to The Staples Center I saw firsthand what has evolved in modern American sports, and it is dazzling.


It was a highly scripted experience highlighting new films (in my case, Sony's Jack and Jill), Konica Minolta products, local restaurant offers, with a healthy dose of crowd interaction. In my case the stadium was full (A good King's team has people in town excited) and the crowd was just as involved in the game as ever, yet it was wholly a new experience. Amidst the din of the enthusiastic crowd, you could clearly see the constant thread of media communication on one of the world's great video boards and on the LED rings. We all could tell that there were great efforts being made to gain our attention. And we didn't mind…in fact, we really liked it, just another part of the fun of going to a game these days.


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