A New Year, A New Look at Engagement

December 28, 2011 by PJ Ewing, SVP Sales, InStadium

Content is King.


Tired but true; truer than ever in my opinion.


But what does that mean?


It seems that every day we hear of new media vehicles that are competing for the one thing every brand wants; the consumer's attention.


It strikes me that if content is king and sports content is some of the most valuable of all programming, live sports might just be the next best thing in broadcast media. I don’t mean live as in live TV… I mean LIVE… as in I am in my seat and the game is right there in front of me. Loud, crushing, colorful… right THERE!


The word "engagement" is starting to get overused in the marketing world today, but I think I understand why; we are trying to use ONE word describe how interested, fascinated, connected, and in-tune people are to the content they're consuming.  So if "engagement" means all of those things, what content is the most "engaging?"  Maybe it's not just the content that's live, but the content that's "live-er" or the "live-est."  To me watching sports in stadiums is more meaningful, visceral, vivid, “impactful” than sports I watch on TV. So to me, “live-er” means better – for fans and for  brands that want to share the field with sports the fans love.  And if I'm more "engaged" with the content, wouldn't I be more "engaged" in the brand messaging that's delivered through that channel?  Of course.


A New Year is dawning, and 2012 is here. Media choices are evolving for brands and continue to explode for consumers. So in marketing brands today, maybe it's not enough to understand the audience just in terms of their demographics and psychographics.  What if we also took into account the audience's "engagement?"  Yes, it may be making the job of marketing more complex and challenging, but I believe, will help make marketing more effective.   With a wider variety of media to evaluate, maybe adding the criterion of "engagement" will actually simplify the choices.  Yes, it may be adding a step, but I am certain we are all up to the task.


Here’s to 2012 and more (and better) media solutions than ever!


Who’s the audience?
InStadium reaches up to 20 million receptive, active, and influential adults on a monthly basis. The InStadium audience is 40% female and 60% male and indexes at 118 for adults 21-49. Our audience has an 18% higher mean HHI than that of the general population and indexes at 138 for post-graduate education.
Source: Scarborough Research Release 1 2011
What is the network?
8+ years of building trusted relationships with professional sports and collegiate venues across the country has allowed us to create the InStadium Network.
What's the medium?
Larger-than-life, high definition video with digital surround sound, custom PA announcements, and vibrant, full-color, animated LED rings create an unforgettable brand experience in a dynamic environment.
Which brands use InStadium today?
Brands who want to increase their ROI and accelerate their business results. InStadium works with blue chip brands across many categories, including entertainment, internet technology, personal care, travel/hospitality, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecom, and more.
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