InStadium Offers Alternative to TV

May 29, 2012

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As TV Viewership and Reach Decline, InStadium Offers Compelling Alternative

Digital video network company launches awareness campaign;

touts high-impact, high-quality reach at live sports venues


CHICAGO (May 29, 2012) – Amidst the decline of broadcast network TV’s reach and viewership in the digital era, Chicago-based InStadium has launched its first online advertising campaign, offering marketers a larger-than-life TV alternative – HD video screens and Dolby surround sound at live sports venues around the country.  


InStadium timed its announcement to coincide with the current “upfront” media buying period to educate media planners about this complement to TV – one that turns stadiums into what might be called the most welcoming living room of all – live sports venues.  The online ad campaign will run for one month in trade industry outlets such as MediaPost and AdWeek, and highlights InStadium’s impactful visual assets and deep reach with engaged viewers. 


“Broadcast TV networks are hitting new record lows in viewership for most programming genres, yet continue to charge more for the same ads. This leaves advertisers desperately seeking more effective, cost-efficient alternatives,” said David Kissel, president and CEO of InStadium. “As media planners commit their advertising spend for the fall, we want them to know that they can get the reach and quality audience they desire in a way TV can’t deliver today.”  


With a monthly Adult 18+ audience of up to 20 million, InStadium is a rarity: a huge, new national video network in a world of increasingly smaller, niche media options. The year-round digital media network includes more than 450 professional and collegiate sports venues, and provides a captive, emotionally charged and vested audience more likely to have more discretionary income, education and social media savvy than the general population.


“InStadium’s audiences represent a one-of-a-kind opportunity to provide nearly pure reach without the excessive frequency and cost of TV,” said Kissel.  “In fact, for a 24-week schedule, almost 80 percent of InStadium’s audience is unduplicated.”


The digital video network can provide quality reach to advertisers’ most valuable consumers.

With 100+ DMAs per month covering 80 to 90 percent of U.S. households, InStadium is a powerful and influential component of media plans.  Clients include blue-chip companies in a wide variety of industries, such as Disney, Activision, Microsoft, and McDonald’s.


InStadium is bought like TV – by flight, by GRP goal, by DMA, by demo and is listed in all three of the industry’s gold standard research and measurement platforms, including MRI Doublebase, Nielsen’s IMS Clear Decision Platform and the Telmar media planning system.  All three confirm that with a 24-week schedule against any major adult target, InStadium can achieve a 35-37 percent reach with a 3+ frequency.


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About InStadium

InStadium, a dynamic digital video network of more than 450 professional and collegiate sports venues, was founded in 2003 and is based in Chicago with offices in New York, Detroit, Minneapolis and Los Angeles.  The InStadium network allows advertisers to deliver marketing communications campaigns to captive large audiences via HD videos, LED screens and more.  InStadium has worked with a variety of clients in the automotive, consumer product goods, entertainment and media, government and public service, personal care, leisure, pharmaceutical, retail and restaurant industries. For more information, visit  


Contact: Kate Boonstra


Who’s the audience?
InStadium reaches up to 20 million receptive, active, and influential adults on a monthly basis. The InStadium audience is 40% female and 60% male and indexes at 118 for adults 21-49. Our audience has an 18% higher mean HHI than that of the general population and indexes at 138 for post-graduate education.
Source: Scarborough Research Release 1 2011
What is the network?
8+ years of building trusted relationships with professional sports and collegiate venues across the country has allowed us to create the InStadium Network.
What's the medium?
Larger-than-life, high definition video with digital surround sound, custom PA announcements, and vibrant, full-color, animated LED rings create an unforgettable brand experience in a dynamic environment.
Which brands use InStadium today?
Brands who want to increase their ROI and accelerate their business results. InStadium works with blue chip brands across many categories, including entertainment, internet technology, personal care, travel/hospitality, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecom, and more.
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