Feels Like The First Time

August 21, 2012 by Dave Kissel, President & CEO, InStadium

I was catching up recently with an old friend and former colleague Todd Kirby (@tklius), who now leads strategic planning and research for the media agency Spark Communications. Todd's a Michigan alum and a huge sports fan, and he was telling me about his upcoming plans to take his young daughter to her first Detroit Tigers baseball game. Todd spoke with great excitement about the game, and the chance to share something he loves so much with his daughter. It got us talking about why going to live sports events is so powerful, and we started to land on one word:  Emotion. When we're inside the stadium cheering our teams, we connect to, and feed from, the energy that's in that environment; our feelings are intense. Why? At that moment we are at the centers of our universe with our team, our players, our family members, our friends, and our fellow fans. Billy Crystal used to riff on the first time he came inside Ebbets Field, because he had only seen it in black and white pictures. He couldn't believe how green the grass was and how blue his Dodgers' uniforms were. This recent cartoon from The Blockhams, found below, captures that first emotion through the little boy's expression in the third frame: "Whoa." It's that emotion that starts with the first time you're ever inside a stadium, and the feeling you get for the rest of your life whenever you're in one of these sacred buildings.


And it explains why watching sports on television, while today better than ever, will never come close to the experience of seeing a game live, and why advertising inside stadiums continues to demonstrate quantifiable, impressive results. 



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