Teams Meet to Future Proof their Franchises

February 4, 2014 by Lee Syrjanen

From left to right: Danielle Maher (InStadium), Ted Dalton (Boston Celtics), Pat Coyle, (InStadium), Carlissa Henry (Phoenix Suns), Kevin Blue (Stanford University), Bill Anderson (AmpThink), Rod Meadows (Minor League Baseball), Chris Parker (Nashville Predators), Chris Freet (University of Miami), Dave Kissel (InStadium), Bill Hirsh (World Wrestling Entertainment), Jason Langwell (Erwin Penland), Terri Rhee (Verizon Wireless), Steve Waight (Chicago Blackhawks), Rod Nenner (Washington Redskins), Bob Reif (St. Louis Rams), Chris Gargano (San Francisco Giants), Barrett Davie (InStadium), Beau Stephens (Learfield), Brian Campbell (Nashville Predators), Peter Sorckoff (Atlanta Hawks), Larry Blocker (Miami Marlins), Neil Viserto (Los Angeles Angels), Doug Chisholm (Phoenix Suns) Jeff Ryznar (Phizzle), Scott Brooks (St. Louis Rams), Ed Olsen (Arizona State University), Eric Smith (InStadium), Ben Davis (Phizzle)

InStadium held its latest Partner Summit January 22-23 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over the course of the two days, members of InStadium’s Team Advisory Council and local sports executives were given the chance to listen to a variety of speakers and share their success stories and concerns with one another.

"Future Proof Your Franchise" was this year’s Summit theme, and many of the speakers and conversations were grounded in utilizing technology to improve the fan experience. Steve Waight, Senior Director of Corporate Sales for the Chicago Blackhawks, said, "I found the InStadium Partner Summit very educational. The wide variety of guest speaker content gave me a better understanding of how social media and technology affect the fan’s in-stadium experience on gameday."

The conference also provided a great opportunity for likeminded individuals to network. Jack Elkins, Business Innovations Manager for the Orlando Magic, said, "This was my first time attending the InStadium Partner Summit, and I was tremendously grateful for the connections I was able to make. I’ve talked with a few of the attendees over the phone, but you can’t put a price tag on being able to collaborate face-to-face."

Learning was not only limited to the team side. Speakers were also interested to learn from teams what their thoughts were on pressing issues related to the fan experience and fan engagement. Jeff Ryznar, VP of Marketing for Phizzle, said, "Attending the InStadium Partner Summit was an invaluable experience offering a unique mixture of market insight and the future of how some of the biggest brands and sports teams are engaging fans within their venues."

"The leadership role InStadium has established by being on the forefront of in-stadium engagement strategies and solutions was evident by not only the impressive list of teams partnering with InStadium, but by the list of influential leaders from fan engagement who presented to the group," said Ryznar.

InStadium’s Partner Summit included talks from Bob Hoffman (Author of " The Ad Contrarian" blog and the top selling advertising book on "101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising"), John Barr (Former App. Portfolio Manger, Xbox), Terri Rhee (Head of Market Research and Competitive Intelligence, Verizon), Dan Harbison (Head of New Media, Caesars Entertainment), Sandy Khaund (Senior Director of Advanced Software Technologies, Turner Broadcasting), Jason Langwell (SVP of Sports and Automotive Marketing, Erwin Penland) Ben Davis (CEO, Phizzle), Jeff Ryznar (VP of Marketing, Phizzle), Christine Stoffel (Founder, SEAT) and Bill Anderson (Wireless and Mobility Consultant, AmpThink) .

InStadium’s Partner Summits seek to provide forward-thinking sports executives valuable insights on maximizing the gameday experience for fans, teams and advertisers alike. The gathering in Scottsdale was no exception. Whether it was through discussions on the utilization of existing and emerging technologies, the use of data to continue the journey towards mass customization or furthering the understanding of the true drivers of a positive customer experience, when Day Two concluded, both attendees and speakers left with ideas and information they will take back to their respective organizations to help optimize gameday for all involved. InStadium’s next Partner Summit will be held this summer, details to be announced.

Who’s the audience?
InStadium reaches up to 20 million receptive, active, and influential adults on a monthly basis. The InStadium audience is 40% female and 60% male and indexes at 118 for adults 21-49. Our audience has an 18% higher mean HHI than that of the general population and indexes at 138 for post-graduate education.
Source: Scarborough Research Release 1 2011
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8+ years of building trusted relationships with professional sports and collegiate venues across the country has allowed us to create the InStadium Network.
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